sabato 29 gennaio 2011

Day 12

These are my shelfs. I was thinking to realize them using old timbers but when I went to a ceramic shop next the mine I had an idea. Traditionally ceramic laboratory have wooden bar where they lean fresh clay objects. In this way the clay can dry naturally. In my dialect the name of this wooden bar is "rutiedde". I asked to the the ceramic shop few of them and I received them for free. After I composed and mounted the shelfs and finally I painted them using the varnish.
Today I spent:
Varnish 8 euro

2 commenti:

  1. Ma che minchia sta succedendo? Non sapevo nulla di questo studio? che stai combinando grande??!!

  2. ao mitico.... nu macello cerco di creare no studio con pochissimi soldi. :I
    Speriamo bene.... un abbraccione